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Altis PVP Server Rules
Rules and Guidelines

No Exploiting, Glitching, Or hacking. You WILL be permanently banned from Entire 6th SFOD-D Community
Do not Accuse admins or players of hacking, unless you have video proof. [Post on Forums in Correct Section]
If you are streaming and catch someone stream sniping, we will kick them only with proof. There are many ways to stop stream sniping, add a delay to your stream for example. It isn't our fault if this happens to you, but we will help prevent it.
Anyone caught using a tag from a clan they aren't in will result in a 3 day ban. Don't be a troll.
No Combat Logging, or combat Storing of Vehicles in Virtual Garage.
No logging in or out of game inside enemy bases, even during a raid.
No Locking players in cars in safezones!
No stealing in safezones. That includes vehicles, crates, or inventory that doesn't belong to you.
No excessive spawn camping/killing. Spawn, gear up and leave. If you are caught hanging out killing bambis you will be kicked.
No excessive grieving or trolling. 
Respect for ALL Players and ALL Admins!

This is PvP, but that doesn't mean you get to make fun of or belittle players. If you have a negative attitude you will be warned or temporarily banned. 

Log off in time before restart, No “REFUND” when rolled back! Land your choppers!
Do not pretend to be an admin, or join in with the same name as one. [Perm Ban]
Ask for an admin. If you do not get a reply, do not flood chat.
If no staff is online please post on the forums with proof of hack, glitch, rule breaking, etc.
Admin decisions and are final.


Be clever about your territory and family names. Any inappropriate names will be changed.
No Chat Spamming, Trolling, or Whining.
No Racists comments or hate speech allowed!
No sexual comments, swearing, threats, personal attacks, or insults.
Do not argue with an admin in game, If you wish to discuss something, Post on Forums or Join them in Teamspeak / Discord


Vehicles left in Safezones will be unlocked at restart
No trader camping or stalking. 
No ramming vehicles - leave players alone
No trolling in safezones.
Do not block paths to traders
Do not leave vehicles in safezones while not on the server. If vehicles are left in the safezone for multiple restarts they will be deleted. 

Building Rules

One territory per player
No building on or over main highways or roads.. period.
No building underwater or on top of water.
No building outside the limits of the map. 
No hiding the flagpole in objects or making it impossible to steal. Place it at its appropriate height.
All rooms must be accessible by doors or gates!
Safes and storage must be clearly visible - no hiding safes or storage in the ground or objects
No building or moving walls while enemy players are in your base.
If you build in an existing building, you still have to follow these rules.

No building within 1500m from the traders - BlackList, high tier aircraft and vehicles included
No building within 1000m of NorthWest Airfield
No building within 500m of NorthEast Airfield, Balota airstrip, and Green Mountain
No building within 300m of Pobeda Dam
No building within 800m from spawn zones
The server will not let you place the flag if you are within any of the above distances, if you get a message saying "you cannot build here" then the location is not outside the above distances.

No wallception/wall stacking. This means putting walls or gates on top of or right next to each other. There needs to be at least or close to 1 floor distance between any walls.

The building with the flag MUST be able to be accessed when breaking down or blowing up 4 walls, gates, or doors AT THE MOST

Our server runs the Enhanced Movement mod. This means that any windows or gaps in your walls might allow for someone to climb thru it using enhanced movement. People can stand on cars or crates to be able to get into gaps and windows, so keep this in mind when building! try to close off any gaps!

Be smart about raiding! Use enhanced movement to get over walls (not glitch thru them!). Try and find the flag location. Its going to be a guessing game. you might take more than 4 walls to get the flag making a wrong guess. Be prepared and bring plenty of bombs or craft them on the spot!

No blocking off the flag or safes with EBM walls as they are indestructible. 
No blocking walls or doors with any items that would interfere with planting explosives.
All EBM buildings/bunkers must be used for aesthetic purposes only. No placing flags or safes in EBM objects as this would make it unfair.
Place your territory wisely! If you're unsure about a location, ask an admin.
Want to use the XM8 app on your phone? Use the code "HYLO" to add our server. Make sure your base is safe!

Any base or objects excessively breaking these rules will be deleted - NO REFUNDS!
We periodically go around and check everyone's bases without warning.
If an admin sees something in your base that is breaking these rules, they will delete it without warning. This goes for storage, walls, and flag poles.

We understand that arma can be arma. Things happen, vehicles explode coming out of the virtual garage, stairs can be deadly. 
We will replace a vehicle if there is clear evidence that it blew up coming out of the virtual garage. 

If the virtual garage spawning blew up your vehicle, take a CLEAR screenshot of the wrecked vehicle next to your base or flag. This is proof enough for us to give you back that vehicle. Remember, if no admins are online, POST A COMPENSATION REQUEST HERE ON THE FORUMS with a date and time of when it happened!!!

If your vehicle blew up randomly away from your base, there needs to be clear proof, such as a video, that it wasn't destroyed by poor piloting or enemy fire. 

We only compensate vehicles, not individual guns or pieces of gear/equipment.
If you were moving safes or containers, and the inventory gets deleted, we will not replace every item of gear that was in it, even with a list of all items. 
You are responsible for moving your safes and containers.
 If an admin feels like compensation is necessary for loss of equipment, you will be compensated in pop tabs.
All compensation decisions and amounts are up to the admin, and remember, admin decisions are final. 

Server Clean Up

Corpses will stay for 20 minutes
Territory protection must be paid every 7 days, or it will be removed.
You have 4 days to pay your flag ransom money, or else you loose the flag and have to buy a new one.
Door and safe pins get set to 0000 and safes become abandoned 2 days after the flag is stolen if the ransom money isn't paid.

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