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Updated exile to 1.04


General Changes:
Updated TRYK to V97

12/19/2017 Upgraded the Server to 64Bit

12/16/2017 Altis Exile PVP Server

General Changes:
Added NI Arms All in One Mod Download Here

Notification we will be Removing Nato Russian Weapons, & Nato Russian Vehicles on January 1,2018

11/30/2017 Altis Exile PVP Server

General Changes:
Added update to Arma 3 1.78

11/15/2017 Altis Exile PVP Server

General Changes/Additions:
  • Added advertising Impressions on A3Launcher to increase player amounts.
Trader Changes:
  • Removed some objects from the landing area to maximize the area for lander helicopters.
Vehicle Changes:
  • Nothing at this time.
11/13/2017 Altis Exile PVP Server

     Trader Changes:
  • Added Most Wanted Bounty System, so go get some revenge on that Nemesis you may have.
  • Fixed the pricing on the UAV's one was set to 950K and it should have been 95K.
     AI Changes:
  • None at this time.
     Vehicle Changes: 

  • Added Arma 3 and RHS Tanks, Artillery, and more.

and some minor bug fixes.

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